100 Not Out cricket t-shirt inspired by former Black Cap Martin Crowe

The 2019 Cricket World Cup Final was the most amazing game of cricket I have ever witnessed…even if New Zealand suffered a heart-breaking super over loss.

It was the perfect advert for the game and I found myself wondering if this would be a moment in time that thousands of young kids point to when they stop to think about why they are fans of the game, much like I do with New Zealand’s run at the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

The more I reflected on this, the more I delved deeper into the other games and moments from my childhood that cemented my love for cricket and made me a fan for life.

The early 90s New Zealand cricket team was not particularly good or bad, which made me realise that I didn’t care how good the team was, it was the moments of individual magic that captured my imagination and drew me into the next game.

Whether it was Chris Pringle’s maiden over to Bruce Reid in Hobart in 1990; Martin Crowe’s 100 not out in the opening game of the 1992 World Cup; Chris Harris’ side on run out in the same game; Mark Greatbatch’s pinch hitting against South Africa, also in 1992; Martin Crowe’s 299 and his world record partnership with Andrew Jones in 1991; or Gavin Larsen batting one handed against Chris Cairns in the 1992 Shell Cup Final; I just wanted to celebrate and reminisce about these moments and thought making cool t-shirts would be a good way to express this! I hope you do to!

Hopefully, this will become more than just cricket t-shirts from the early 90s. There are so many more cricket moments to celebrate, and much more magic moments from other sports to cover.

So, watch this space…

Thanks for reading!
Marty from Pixel Tees