Change in Pixel Tees Ordering Process

Change in Pixel Tees Ordering Process

Hi everyone,

As I am sure you have noticed the price of EVERYTHING has or is going up! 

Over the last three years through numerous supplier price increases, I have worked hard to keep a Pixel Tee at $40. However, with more supplier price increases for my prints, t-shirts, domestic couriers, international shipping, web hosting and merchant service fees, it has got to the point where it is getting almost impossible not increase my price.

However, I know everyone is feeling it at the moment, so just sending another price increase message is not what I wanted to do.

Therefore, in a move to keep Pixel Tees’ prices the same, I have decided to remove the checkout functionality from to save on web hosting and merchant service fees.

This will take place tomorrow, Monday 26th June 2023, for at least the rest of the winter and maybe over the summer. Therefore, all Pixel Tees orders will need to be placed via this order form (download here) and emailed to, with payment made via a bank transfer or PayPal once the order is confirmed. All discount codes will still be valid.

I know this is super annoying and will add a time-consuming barrier that will put many people off ordering. However, I didn’t want to compromise on the quality of Pixel Tees’ prints or the AS Colour t-shirts they are printed on.

Rest assured it is still business as usual, and I am constantly active on my emails and Facebook Messenger, so I will be able to confirm receipt of your order and send courier tracking links as normal, all be it a little more manually than I’d like. Delivery lead times will remain the same at 1 week for all New Zealand deliveries and 3 weeks for all international deliveries.

I will still be posting old sports highlights on my Facebook page, do give it a follow to watch all the latest sporting flashbacks.

Thank you for all the wonderful support I have received so far, I have really appreciated it. It’s been great fun reminiscing and connecting with you all while reliving some great sporting memories of yesteryear!

Marty - CEO of the 'giving it a go' department at Pixel Tees

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