Behind the design: Cheat Code T-shirt

Behind the design: Cheat Code T-shirt

Cheat Code cricket t-shirt inspired by the underarm in 1981

I wasn’t even born when Greg Chappell told his brother Trevor to bowl the infamous ‘underarm’ at the end of the 3rd final of the 1981 World Series Cup. So why is it an iconic moment for me?

Because for a sport nicknamed ‘the gentleman’s game’, the thought of something that outrageous happening was just beyond belief. It ended up fuelling a rivalry between New Zealand and Australia that passionately continues to this day. It is now so interwoven into New Zealand’s sporting folklore that the moment is passed down from generation to generation of young New Zealanders.

Never mind the fact that the likelihood of Brian McKechnie hitting a six at the giant MCG, with those old school 80’s cricket bats, was near zero. Or the fact that even if he had hit a six, we still wouldn’t have won the game, it would have only been a tie. It’s the fact that as a country we learnt that when playing the Aussies nothing could ever again be left to 'the spirit of the game’. Which is why 40 years on since it happened it is still one of the most iconic moments in New Zealand’s sporting history.

I think the design is a great way to have a little dig at your Aussie mates and let’s face it, who doesn’t like doing that! 

If you've lived under a rock all your life and don't know what I’m talking about, you can relive it here - Enjoy!

The Cheat Code t-shirt is the perfect gift or just treat yourself! Available in men's, women's and kid's sizes -

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